Andrew and Kathy Tizzard

We are Andrew and Kathy Tizzard we live in the heart of Somerset with our three dogs (soon to be four), two Irish Setter girls Lilly and Lucy, 9 and 14 years respectively and 22-month-old Golden Retriever boy ‘Bentley’ – Daddy’s handsome boy!
We lived in the same village for 13 years and loved every minute, we have both loved dogs all our lives and have been involved with Irish Setter Rescue where we served on the committee for many years where we were responsible for rescuing and rehoming many Setters into their forever homes. One of our passions were as committed fundraisers working for then Dogs for the Disabled for a number of years.

Our lives revolve around our dogs and their well-being and as someone once said, “Dogs are with us for part of our lives, whilst we are with them for all of theirs”, something we feel passionately about.